According to the official website of the Textile Ministry of Pakistan, the sector contributes nearly 8.50% to the country’s national income. It also accounts for at least 67% of the national merchandise exports earnings. Over 30%, which comes to more than 49 million of work force has been incorporated by the textile sector of Pakistan which contributes over 9% of the total GDP’s earnings. Furthermore, since the introduction of the ‘WTO regime,’ this sector also has the potential to do well in the highly competitive global market trade.

This said; the Textile Industry is one of the biggest and most blooming sectors in the country today. A look see at the relevant KSE page shows the same. Therefore it goes, also without saying, that not only is the Textile Sector a large one, it is also profitable and investing in this sector should definitely be a clever move.

But of the many companies present in this sector, why should you prefer investing in HAFIZ Limited (formerly known as Hafiz Textile Mills Ltd.) rather than any other organization? HAFIZ Limited (formerly known as Hafiz Textile Mills Ltd.) has been around for over 60 years now. And even in that period of time we have moved on to serving the ‘secondary’ market in the sector. There are basically two sub-sections in the Textile Sector, the primary sector which deals with cotton and yarn exports and the secondary sector which deals with and helps account for nearly 60% of all Pakistan’s exports. Serving this sector, HAFIZ Limited (formerly known as Hafiz Textile Mills Ltd.) a natural leader and fast-grower in the industry has the option of increasing even further in the industry… hence making it the logical choice for anyone who wishes to make a profit from their investments.