A list of our Board of Directors may be viewed here. The list also provides the designations as well as the official addresses of these Directors.

– Fakhruddin Usmani – CEO

o   Mr. Fakhruddin Usmani has been a part of Hafiz Textile Mills since the 70s. He then became CEO in the year 1976.


– Quamruddin Osmani – Director

o   Mr. Quamruddin Usmai is a Director at Hafiz Textile Mills Ltd since late 60s.


– Mr. Farooq Usmani – Director

o   Mr. Farooq became a Member of Board in the early 80s.


– Mehmood Wali Muhammad – Director Finance

o   Mr Mehmood joined Hafiz Textile Mills Ltd. During the mid 90s


– Muhammad Atiq – Director Operation

o   Mr. Atiq has been engaged with Hafiz Textile Mills Ltd. since 1994.


– Muhammad Shazad Fakhir – Director IT

o   Mr. Shazad Fakhir is a Director at Hafiz Textile Mills Ltd. He has done is MS in Computer science from MAJU and has vast experience of various software development processes, database management and web content designing. He has been serving the company since 2005.


– Ali Muhammad Usmani – Director Strategic Planning

o   Mr. Ali is a Director at Hafiz Textile Mills Ltd. He completed his Masters in Economics and Finance from the University of Karachi and MBA in Marketing from KASBIT. He is looking after all the strategic planning, and Financial activities of the company. He has been serving Hafiz Textile Mills Ltd. since 2004.