HAFIZ Limited (formerly known as Hafiz Textile Mills Ltd.) are Manufacturers and Exporters of all sort of textiles, a composite unit with sister branches established since 1936 in Mumbai, re-established in 1947 Karachi and expanded its operation from Textiles to Jute Mills in the year 1956 in Dhaka-Chittagong. The Company curtailed and re-organized in 1971, Karachi where we have been functioning to date.
The company was established under the supervision of three brothers

  • Noor Muhammad
  • Hafiz Wali Muhammad
  • Abdul Shakoor

These three brothers laid the foundation of the Textile Mill in the year 1936 in Mumbai- India. Later on, after the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, they expanded their operations and launched a public limited company with the name, HAFIZ Limited (formerly known as Hafiz Textile Mills Ltd.), in the year 1951. Since then the operation had expanded to Bangladesh where Textile and Jute Mills started operations, but after the fall of Dhaka, the company was re-organized in Karachi.

HTM has been well known for those fundamental principles upon which it works, and on which the foundation of this business rests. HTM inculcated a practice of setting high standards of quality in the day-to-day running of the business and our dealings with clients also. And we mean to carry this on in all our future business transactions also.